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Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What is JDP? What is the advantage of JDP over traditional PhD degree Program? 

The literal meaning of JDP is Joint Doctoral Program, this program is jointly run by IIT Delhi and NCTU Taiwan. The major advantage of this program over the traditional one is that a student at the end of completion of program shall be awarded a degree jointly by IITD and NCTU. The program aims to have significant interaction with various industry partners also during the stay of student at NCTU campus.  

2. What academic background is required? Admission or eligibility criteria. 

The usual admission requirements of IIT Delhi followed by Co supervisor identification in the partner Institute (NCTU-Taiwan). The Co supervisor identification shall be done by the respective Supervisors allotted to the students. 


3. How long does it take to complete PhD under this program? 

Normally 5 years 


4. How many seats are offered under this program? 

As of now the number of seats have been restricted to the regular PhD intake of IIT Delhi. 


5. Admission Calendar 

  1.  Admission process
  2.  Application fees and  deadlines
  3. Program fees and funding opportunity
  4.  Should I contact faculty prior to application for this program?
  5.  Prerequisites for program, any qualification for any fellowship required.
  6.  Placement opportunity


7. What type of accommodation is provided by NCTU?

NCTU have different dormitories on campus for graduate students (Masters and PhD). Mainly it is either twin sharing or quad sharing. Different dormitory information can be obtained on the NCTU housing website.


8. I am a vegetarian person, what about the food?

  1. Taiwanese vegetarian food is available on campus (dining halls or cafeteria) on paid basis.
  2. Indian vegetarian food can also be purchased from the Indian restaurant on campus.
  3. Students who have common kitchen in their dorm can cook by themselves too.

9. Regarding safety in Taiwan and on campus?

Taiwan is one of the safest countries in Asia only after Japan.
Anyone can go out anytime of the day without any issue.


10. Do we get individual rooms on campus in the dorms?

On campus facilities have very limited single room accommodation and its mainly filled and are allotted on first come first serve basis. Students can come and check with the housing department located on the 3F of information center. This room is not guaranteed as the waitlist is long.


11. Regarding course requirement at NCTU?

2 courses are Mandatory as per the MoU. Students can consult their supervisors and select the course (during normal times). Special courses was offered online during COVID-19 only for IIT JDP students as travelling to Taiwan was not feasible.

Seminar courses are arranged by the Department, which students just need to attend and generally have to write a 1-page of write up about what did they learn in that. In general, experts from special field give their talks. It covers several topics depending upon the seminar organizers (NCTU professor) each semester.

Apart from these students can take Chinese courses for free if they want to learn the language which will be useful in future for Jobs.


12. Graduation criteria for JDP students:

  1. As per the MoU, 2 SCI papers or equivalent (as given in the MoU) are mandatory during the PhD period.
  2. Completion of total 18 credits. (12 at IITD and 6 at NCTU). If students have more credit requirements at IITD then the total credits will be as per that plus 6 credits (2 mandatory courses) at NCTU.
    1. Eg: If a PhD student have credit requirement of 18 at IITD then the student under this JDP will have to complete 18+6=24 credits in total. NCTU doesn’t interfere in IITD course and credit requirements.
  3. Regarding comprehensive exam: As per the IITD regulation. Students can finish it before coming to NCTU or can also finish after completion of their NCTU course work. This must be clarified before with the advisor and approved by the Dual degree SRC committee members.


13. When can the visa process be started?

Once the student receives their NCTU OIA admission letter (hard copy) they can start the visa process.