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Swades Kumar De 
Dept. of Electrical Engineering 

Energy Harvesting Enabled Sustainable Communication Networks

  • Next generation (5G and beyond) wireless networks.

  • Quality of service (QoS), Quality of Experience (QoE), cost profitability

  • Heterogeneous Networks:

Li-Chun Wang
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering 

B R Mehta
Dept. of Physics 

Development of high performance gas sensors based on 2D layered thin films for agriculture and environmental applications.

  • 2D gas sensor SnS2, MoS2 and WSe22D layered materials.

  • Agriculture and environmental applications.

  • CO, NO and NO2 gas seensing

Hsiao Wen Zan
Department of Photonics 

Ratanamala Chatterjee
Dept. of Physics 

Material Design & Characterization for Spin-Orbit Torque based Devices

  • Spin-orbit torque based devices

  • Atomistic modelling for SOT system

  • STT/SOT based MRAM devices

Y.C. Tseng
 Dept. Materials Science & Engineering

Rajendra Singh Dhaka 
Dept. of Physics 

Investigation of the Phosphate based Polyanionic compounds as Cathode Materials for Sodium Ion Batteries

Energy storage

Na-ion battery

Phosphate based compounds as cathode material

Jeng-Kuei Chang
Department of Materials Science and Engineering 

Dept. of Material Science & Engineering

Multicompartmental Polymer Nanoparticles for Programmable Drug Delivery and Deep-Tissue Bio-imaging

Programmable drug delivery

Deep tissue bio imaging

Design, synthesis and characterization of NIR-II fluorescent semiconductor material

Yan- Hsiang Chan
Dept. of applied chemistry 

Abhisek Dixit
Dept. of Electrical Engineering 

DC and RF Reliability of GaN-HEMT MIS fin-type short-channel devices


Reliability characterization under DC and RF

SPICE and TCAD based device
design analysis


International College of Semiconductor Technology

Tapan Kumar Chaudhuri
School of Biological Sciences 

Developing self-monitoring, self-assembled protein particle based drug delivery system for biomedical application

Self-assembled protein particle based drug delivery system


Viral capsid proteins unique
features ideal in vivo drug delivery

Chia-Ching Chang
Dept. Biol. Sci. & Tech 

Ankur Gupta
Centre for Applied Research in Electronics (CARE) 

GaN Power Amplifier MMIC design for High Bands (24GHz - 40GHz) 5G Applications

GaN MMIC design and fabrication

RF Power amplifier

5G Applications

Chun-Hsiung Lin
International College of Semiconductor Technology 

Dept. of Chemistry 

Near Infrared-responsive Semiconductor Nanostructure Decorated Metal Oxide Photo-anodes for Highly Efficient Solar Hydrogen Generation via Photo-electrochemical Water Splitting

Near Infrared-responsive Semiconductor Photo-anodes

Solar Hydrogen generation

Photo-electrochemical Water Splitting

Yung-Jung Hsu 
Department of Materials Science and Engineering 

Pushpapraj Singh
Centre for Applied Research in Electronics (CARE) 

Roles of external stress and voltage in mediating the magnetic anisotropy of CoFeB/MgO-based magnetic tunnel junction

Magnetic tunnel junction

stress and bias voltage analysis


Yu-Chieh Lo
Dept. Materials Science & Engineering

Dept. of Electrical Engineering 

Investigation of New Memory Devices and Circuits for Novel Emerging Applications

NVM-CMOS structures

Neuromorphic research


Tuo-Hung Hou
Dept. of Electronics Engineering

Dept. of Electrical Engineering

Millimeter wave radar imaging for automotive applications

Milimeter wave radar imaging

Automotive applications

Dataset for machine learning algorithms

JitendraPratap Singh
Dept. of Physics

Glancing angle deposition ZnGa2O4 nanostructures based UVC LED for improved light extraction and current spreading properties

Glancing angle deposition

Wide bandgap material ZnGa2O4 nanostructure deposition




Ray Hua Horng
Dept. of Electronics Engineering 

Sameer Sapra
Dept. of Chemistry 

White light emission devices from 2D organic/inorganic layered halide perovskites

2D organic/inorganic layered halide

Fabrication of violet/white LEDs based on these materials

Synthesis of BA2PbBr4, BA2PbI4 and BA2Pb(Br,I)4

Kien Wen Sun
Department of Applied Chemistry 

Jayant Jain
Dept. of Material Science & Engineering 

Optimising microstructures of textured nano twinned copper for electronic packaging

Nano-twinned Cu

Fan-out wafer level packaging

Optimization of nt-Cu microstructure

Chih Chen
Department of Materials Science and  Engineering 

Jayanta Bhattacharyya
Centre for Biomedical Engineering 

Tracking of Abraxane by selective autophagy pathways in lung cancer cells using nanodiamonds

Tracking of abraxane using nanodiamond

Investigation of in vitro anticancer abilities of ND-Abraxane

Jui-I Chao
Department of Biological Science and Technology 

Rajendra Singh
Dept. of Physics 

Radiation effects in the electrical characteristics and time-dependent reliability of GaN-on-Si power MIS-HEMTs

GaN-on-Si power MIS-HEMTs.


Gamma ray radiation effect

Tian-Li Wu
  International College of Semiconductor Technology 

Dhiman Mallick
Dept. of Electrical Engineering 

Hardware Realization for Neuromorphic Computing using MEMS Oscillator Networks

Neuromorphic Computing

MEMS Oscillator Networks

Improving energy efficiency and processing speed for
data-centric tasks

Yi Chiu 
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering